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Are you taking any of the following medications?
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Heart Attack / Stroke Yes   No Heart Surg./ Pacemaker Yes   No Heart Murmur Yes   No
Congenital Heart Defect Yes   No Mitral Valve Prolapse Yes   No Artificial Valves Yes   No
Alcohol / drug Abuse Yes   No Venereal Disease Yes   No Hepatitis Yes   No
HIV+ / AIDS Yes   No Shingles Yes   No Cancer Yes   No
Frequent Neck Pain Yes   No Emphytsema/ Glaucoma Yes   No Anemia Yes   No
High/Low Blood Pressure Yes   No Psychiatric Problems Yes   No Rheumatic Fever Yes   No
Severe/ Frequent Headaches Yes   No kidney Problems Yes   No Ulcers / Colitis Yes   No
Fainting/ Seizures/ Epilepsy Yes   No Sinus Problems Yes   No Asthama Yes   No
Diabetes / Tuberculosis Yes   No Difficulty Breathing Yes   No Chemotherapy Yes   No
Lower Back Pain Yes   No Artificial Bones/ Joints Yes   No Arthritis Yes   No
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   I hereby authorize assignment of my insurance e rights and benefits directly to the provider for services rendered
    (if offered at this office).

  • We invite you to discuss with us any questions regarding our services. The best health services are based on a friendly, mutual understanding between provider and patient.
  • Our policy requires payment in full for all services rendered at the time of visit, unless other arrangements have been made with the business manager. If account is not paid within 90 days of the date of service and no financial arrangements have been made, you will be responsible for any expenses incurred in collecting your account.
  • I authorize the staff to perform any necessary services needed during diagnosis and treatment. I also authorize the provider to release any information required to process insurance claims.
  • I understand the above information and guarantee this form was completed correctly to the best of my knowledge and understand it is my responsibility to inform this office of any changes in my medical status.